Oconto Walleye Fishing 

Oconto Walley Fishing and Trophy Walleye in Wisconsin with Fishing GuideThe Oconto walleye fishing season begins in the spring as early as the ice is off the bay. Often the ice is usually gone in late march, but some years the ice is not off the bay until the 1st of April. There is no better time than the springtime in Oconto to catch that true trophy walleye which can easily exceed the 10lb range of a big catch. Early in the fishing season Oconto walleye angling is typically being done in shallow water depths ranging anywhere from 4 to 8 feet of water. This is where large schools of walleyes will be arriving to seek out warming shallow water and begin staging in areas that the walleye will soon prepare to spawn in.

The best Oconto walleye fishing opportunities are found out in the bay along with great walleye fishing in the river once water temperatures reach that mid-40-degree range which is typically when the walleyes will begin to spawn.

Techniques used in early spring for Oconto walleye fishing consist of both casting and trolling in shallow water typically being done with a slow presentation in the colder water temperatures. Shortly after walleye spawning occurs which in this area generally happens in mid-April the walleyes will begin to disperse throughout the bay and feed up heavily to regain vital energy that was recently lost during the spawning period. As spring turns into summer Oconto walleye fishing begins to heat up finding walleye beginning to relate to the offshore structure and newly developing weeds throughout the area.

Oconto Walley Fishing and Trophy Walleye in Wisconsin with Fishing Guide

Summertime Oconto walleye fishing can be approached in many different ways including trolling crankbaits, and trolling crawler harnesses can also be very effective along with many different casting and jigging opportunities so whether you prefer to cast, jig, or troll Oconto walleye fishing can provide great action with any of these techniques.

As the fall season begins to move in, the Oconto walleye fishing will still have great opportunities in these areas but deeper water close to these areas will begin to hold more walleyes as the water temperatures begin to cool. Throughout the entire fishing season Oconto walleye fishing provides lots of opportunities for the walleye angler. If you’re interested in learning from an expert walleye trophy fishing guide contact Paul Delaney of Late Eye’s Fishing to schedule your Oconto walleye fishing trip.

Oconto Walley Fishing and Trophy Walleye in Wisconsin with Fishing Guide