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Door County Walleye Fishing

Door County walleye fishing has been going very well with great catches of big quality walleyes being caught each day on the water.  We have been finding great success trolling for Door County walleyes at night and also during the day, on days that have had a lack of wind along with high skies with bright sun our success has been better targeting walleyes that have retreated to deeper water using casting and jigging techniques. We will continue to find great opportunities to catch quality Door County Walleyes along shoreline areas and adjacent deeper water areas right through May. Now is the time to take advantage of that prime time to catch that true trophy walleye of a lifetime don’t hesitate to contact us for limited available dates and reserve your time for a day or night on the water.

Green Bay Walleye Fishing

Green Bay walleye fishing has been going very good over the past week. The walleyes are actively spawning in a lot of areas on the bay right now and should continue through this week. With water temperatures warming each day and in some areas where we were fishing today Temperatures had reached 49 degrees. We have been finding success casting for walleyes in shallow water using jigging presentations with numerous different baits but with warmer water temps today we found that soft plastics were the ticket for post-spawn walleyes looking to feed up.  With warmer temperatures in the forecast, spawning should be complete in most areas in the next week.

Oconto Walleye Fishing Green Bay

Oconto spring  walleye fishing has fantastic opportunities at not only catching numbers of quality walleyes but also has a fantastic opportunity at catching that true trophy walleye of a life time. Oconto walleye fishing techniques typically are done with  casting  baits in shallow water looking for active fish searching out warmer water. Depending on the day and the weather conditions the walleyes can be anywhere ranging from 4 feet of water to 20 feet of water each and every day is different. Trolling for walleyes can also be very productive in the shallow water flats when the fish are roaming and moving a lot this technique allows you to cover a lot of water intercepting schools of moving walleyes.

Door County Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Now that we are reaching farther into the fall season our water temps have really dropped and the Door County Smallmouth Bass are really feeding up for the winter. We have been finding our best success fishing in water depths ranging from 20 to 30 feet of water catching our fish on both artificial baits along with using live bait presentations. The fall season is one of the best times to target trophy bass here in Door County and if you can brave the colder temperatures you stand a great chance at hooking that trophy bass of a lifetime.