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Door County Smallmouth Bass Fishing

The fall weather has definitely settled in and the temperatures have been below normal for quite some time which has really helped drop the water temps. We have been finding success catching our fish in water depths ranging from 15 to 30 feet of water. Some days the fishing has been a bit tougher and we have had to move around quite a bit to find more active fish and on other days we have not had to move around as much after finding active fish. Opportunities at catching these late-season bass should go right up to the point you just don’t want to be on the water anymore.

Green Bay Walleye Fishing

The walleye fishing on the bay over the past couple of weeks has really been heating up with the warm temperatures and rising water temperatures. We have been finding our best success trolling water depths ranging from 21 to 26 feet of water in the area of the bay that we have been fishing lately. We have been finding our best success trolling crawler harnesses behind planer boards and finding fish at different depths in the water column depending on the day. This bite will continue to hold and only get better as we progress throughout the summer months.

Fishing Door County Smallmouth Bass

Over the past week or more the Smallmouth Bass fishing has been a real challenge to say the least. Multiple situations have all piled up on us pretty much at once we received a cold front which dropped the water temps which sent the bass into deeper water where they collided with massive amounts of alewives moving into the bay to spawn so more than enough feed for the fish and they have been very inactive. Water temps continue to stay  cold and in some cases have dropped quite a bit this has made for the perfect storm for very inactive fish. Each day on the water we are fishing lots of areas and fishing very hard to catch the bass that we are catching but we are catching fish along with some pretty decent size fish being caught. As water temps warm and bait fish thin out the fishing will only improve.

Green Bay Walleye Fishing

Well despite the crazy times that we are all going through right now and having to spend more time at home than usual I have also been putting a lot of time on the water  with friends or just alone. Walleye fishing has been good for the most part with some days being much better than others but overall pretty good. Depending on where we are fishing on Green Bay we are finding lots of fish that have already spawned and some areas that have fish that have not spawned or are currently spawning at this time. I have been casting for the walleyes this spring in water depths ranging anywhere from 4 to 30 feet of water depending on where we are and wind and weather conditions. Lets all hope that things will begin to get back to life as usual and we can all get back to doing what we all need to do.