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Door County Ice Fishing jan 21st

After a long wait for some cold weather to settle into our area it finally has and we are really locking up good on the Bay of Green bay. We have spent the past couple of days establishing safe travel out to our fishing grounds and have began to get our ice houses out and ready to fish. Depending on our location we have been finding ice thickness anywhere from 9 to 14 inches and in most areas very strong hard ice. The fishing has been fantastic the past couple of days with great numbers of fish being caught by everyone yesterday and today. We will be fishing now on a daily basis and moving and staying on the best fishing opportunities possible but from what we have seen the past couple of days it really looks like we are going to be in for another great ice season here in Door County.





Door County Ice Fishing


well with the warmer than normal temperatures we have been receiving lately it has put us behind with making good ice on Green bay. We have had some ice fishing opportunities lately fishing the back of some of the bays where we have had ice conditions ranging from 8 to 9 inches and have been targeting both Northern pike along with some Yellow perch action. We have been finding the perch to be relating close to the bottom and the northern pike have been suspended in the water column. We are beginning to see more and more ice forming on the big bay lately and if the weather continues to get colder we should see ice conditions improving daily. We will be checking some of our walleye and whitefish areas that are close to shore this week and begin to establish safe travel to some of these areas. I will post ice conditions as we find areas that we can safely get out on.

Door County Ice Fishing Northern Pike

Door County Ice Fishing Season 2018/2019

I would like to start by giving a great big thanks to everybody that fished with us this 2018 fishing season and what a great season it was. Fishing is a huge passion of mine and as far as fishing goes the only thing I enjoy more than fishing is seeing other people enjoy this great sport especially when it is enjoyed with friends and family so I really look forward to hopefully seeing everyone again this 2019 season. The Holiday season is now upon us and it is time to spend some quality time with family and friends and take a big deep breath before the new year is upon us.

As we all know the weather here in the mid-west is not ideal for making good ice conditions right now but it will be coming and we are looking forward to getting the ice fishing season underway. I am excited for this ice season we have all new Otter ice houses along with new Tuned Up Custom ice rods ready to start catching fish, new Strikemaster 40v electric augers, along with new baits and fishing techniques that are sure to put many quality fish on the ice this season. As we move into this ice fishing season take some time with family and friends and get out to enjoy this fantastic sport of ice fishing we would love to put together a very memorable trip for you this winter.  Thanks again to everyone and Happy Holidays.

Paul Delaney



Door County Walleye Fishing

With the fall season upon us not only is this one of the best times of the season to catch numbers of trophy size smallmouth bass it is also a great time to catch those great big trophy size walleyes that Green bay is known for. Over the past couple of weeks we have been finding walleyes in water depths ranging from 25 to 35 feet of water and catching them using casting techniques near the bottom. Opportunities at catching these walleyes will continue well into November with a great chance at catching that trophy walleye.