Green Bay Walleye Fishing May 5Th

As of now the walleye fishing on Green Bay appears mostly to be a post spawn situation in all of the areas we are fishing as of today. Over the past couple of days the walleye fishing in the areas we have been fishing has been tough with the fish really being tight lipped and having to work hard for the fish we have been putting in the boat but we have been catching quality big fish.

We will be continuing to fish different locations around the Bay to find the best fishing from day to day as we move through the season the walleyes will continue to move about the Bay and to capitalize on the best fishing you have to be willing to keep moving with where the walleyes want to be. We have been finding success catching our walleyes both casting and trolling depending on the day being able and willing to adjust your presentation is key to capitalize on your catch for that day.

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