Door County Walleye Fishing For June 12th

We made a switch from bass fishing for a day and went chasing walleyes in the southern portion of the county. Shortly after putting some time in our first area it was obvious that there were not any walleyes that were willing to cooperate there so we were on to our next area. our next spot was looking pretty good when we were setting up showing signs of fish being present but soon it was evident that they were all drum and catfish no walleyes wanting to bite so as often it was time to move on and keep looking for walleyes. We made a move to deeper water not far from where we were and soon after setting up we were marking good numbers of fish and it was not long after we were putting nice quality walleyes in the boat. Our approach that day was trolling for the walleyes and presenting baits at the right depths was key to continuing to put fish in the boat. Remember to never fish memories even if you have great confidence in an area if you are not catching fish it is time to move more often than not you will find your fish if you are willing to keep searching but there are many times that the fish zig and you zag just always do what you can do to find fish with the conditions that you are faced with.


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