Monthly Archives: October 2012

October 22nd and 23rd Door County Fishing Report

With recent warmer weather water temps have remained steady actually warming a degree or two. Fishing for Smallmouth Bass here on the Bay of Green Bay has slowed a bit the past few days with lots of fish still being present we have just had to work harder at getting the fish that we have caught. As the water temps drop again the fishing should pick up again. As we get in to the month of November the Walleye fishing on the Bay of Green Bay should begin to pick up especially as we get in to late November as fish begin to move out of Lake Michigan and head to their wintering grounds putting on the late fall feed bag. This is a great time to cash in on some spectacular trophy Walleye fishing.

October 20th Door County Fishing Report

With the weather calming down a bit and temps warming a bit  and the lack of winds the fishing has become a little bit tougher. Fish are present and will be for quite some time yet but they cant feed heavily every day so I believe they are taking advantage of the nice calm weather and resting up a bit. We still have been able to catch 20 to 30 fish a day the past couple of days but we have had to work harder to get the fish to bite. We will be able to continue to have great fishing opportunities for Smallmouth Bass here in Door County on the Bay of Green Bay through the month of November.

Door County Fishing Report October 16th and17th

The past two days have presented themselves  with lots of winds out of the south. The fishing for Smallmouth Bass  continues to be very good with great numbers of fish along with some large fish. We have been targeting water depths on the Bay of Green Bay anywhere from 15 to 35 FOW. Water temps are now in the low 50 degree range and fishing should continue to go strong for quite some time yet. Plenty of time to still come to Door County and enjoy some open water Lake Michigan Sport Fishing.