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Mid-Summer Multi-Specie Action July 2012

With summer in full swing action is going strong for multiple species including Walleye Smallmouth Bass and Salmon. Walleyes are taking up residence in there mid basin summer areas responding strongly to crawler harnesses trolled slowly behind planer boards. Smallmouth bass are chasing soft plastic presentations fished both shallow and in deeper water along with salmon taking advantage of low light periods both morning and evening eating both flasher fly combinations along with various spoon presentations. Summer time is a great time to take advantage of some fantastic fishing opportunities far many different species.

Catch of the Day!


July 16th 2012 Sturgeon Bay Walleye Fishing

This is a fishing report for Monday July 16th. We fished for Walleyes today out of Sturgeon Bay for a few hours and we found some pretty good success. We spent some time casting in some shallow water catching only a couple of sheep heads and a couple of Bass before we began trolling crawlers and spinners. We began trolling in 15 to 25 FOW having some good success with 6 fish on our first pass with fish ranging from 20 to 24 inches along with a few sheeps. On our second trolling pass we caught a 28 inch fish right off the bat only to find the wind to let up along with the bite. We caught one more Walleye along with another sheep before we went in . Plenty of summer walleye action ahead of us with action to only get better. Good fishing and as always be safe.

Catch of the Day!

July 15th 2012 Door County Bass Fishing

This is a fishing report for July 15th but really speaking for the whole month of July with the Bass fishing being so good. This summer has been just fantastic for Bass action fishing fish mainly in shallow water but also fishing fish in slightly deeper water. We have been fishing fish mainly on soft plastics but also getting some fish on spinner baits when the conditions are favorable. The summer fishing action should continue to go strong through the month of August If anyone is interested in getting in on the action I would be more than happy to get you in on the action. Good fishing and as always be safe.