February 11th, 2012

What a crazy week it has been in Door County weather wise. With big winds blowing strong this week, it has blown unstable ice that has not had a chance to safely set up this season all over the place leaving open water in a lot of areas. It is not that we don’t have safe ice to fish from, it is just that safe ice is safe ice and unsafe ice is unsafe ice and we have to use caution and keep our fishing on the stable safe ice areas. As far as fishing goes, we have had pretty decent fishing for Whitefish, Walleye and Northern Pike. Now with this recent cold snap, it will greatly improve the already safe ice that we are currently fishing on. We are getting into my favorite time of the ice fishing season, mid February to last ice fishing opportunities typically some time in late March which offer great fishing and trophy opportunities for many species. We still have lots of opportunity with many weeks left to enjoy fishing for several different species here in Door County. With lots of time left to do some ice fishing, contact me to book a trip for a very memorable fishing adventure on the Bay of Green Bay here in Door County.

Paul Delaney

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