Fishing Door County Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Well we are now into the month of October and the weather feels much more like early September. October can be a really great month for fishing Smallmouth Bass here in Door County but so much of it is depending on cooler weather and cooling water temperatures which is just not happening yet. The Bass right now are kind of in between there summer patterns and there Fall patterns with some fish still relatively shallow with many other fish using deeper water but they seem to be pretty spread out and we are not finding large schools of fish concentrated yet. With cooler weather bound to show up soon the Fall fishing will only get better and better.

Fishing Door County Walleye Fishing Green Bay September 18th

Not only has this entire season had strange weather the past two weeks have been a bit strange and have thrown a bit of a funk in the fishing. Two weeks ago the water temps began to drop and now over the past week they have warmed back up again leaving the fish to not know what to think. We have been taking a casting approach for the walleyes fishing them anywhere from 15 to 30 feet of water. Depending on where we are fishing on the Bay we have been catching both eating size walleyes along with some trophy size walleyes also. Hoping we can get into some cooler temps these next couple of weeks and begin getting some fall patterns into place.