Ice Fishing Door County And Door County Ice Fishing Report

Well as we all know we have been experiencing some real cold weather for quite some time and it has definitely made some great ice conditions on the Bay of Green Bay and all around Door County. We are now on the ice and fishing on a daily basis finding great success with the fishing and great ice conditions despite some rough travel in some areas but as time goes on and with a little snow that will definitely improve. We are really excited about getting an early start this season with great ice conditions which should really make for an extra long fun and successful ice fishing season. We are now booking ice fishing trips daily and will be posting on how our fishing trips are going so take some time this winter and get out to enjoy some of the really fantastic ice fishing opportunities we have here in Door County this winter.

Fishing Door County Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass fishing over the past few days has become a bit tough with the fish being spread out and scattered and really not biting all that well. Today brought us cloud cover and some wind out of the south which had the fish going better today but still they were biting very light and very difficult to get hooked or keep them on. As we move further into the Fall season and hopefully some cooler weather soon fishing will only get better.