Door County Ice Fishing Report For February 9th

Over the past week we have had some great winter weather with cold temps making ice each night and the fishing has been great with limit catches of Whitefish being caught daily. All pressure cracks that we have had in the past have healed up well and are able to be crossed with ease as of now. We have been finding great success fishing in water depths anywhere from 45 to 80 feet of water depending on the day making adjustments as necessary to stay on the best fishing for the day. Fish have been being caught on many different presentations but for us we have been having concistant success using Rapala baits such as Jigging Raps along with Jigging Shad Raps in natural colors. With the great ice conditions we have we will certainly have many more weeks with opportunities at getting out on the ice chasing fish here in Door County.

Door County Ice Fishing Report For January 29th

This past weekend had good success for most fishing for Whitefish even though we had to move into shallow water after a pressure crack opened up in our area last week. The pressure crack is now healing up and we will be moving back out to deeper water this week with hopes that we can receive a bit of snow cover to help provide some traction. We continue to find great success catching fish using Rapala baits such as the Rapala Jigging Rap along with the Jigging Shad Rap working these baits right off bottom. The key to being more successful with your rods and reels is definitely using a rod that is very sensitive and using a braided line which will allow you to feel light bites along with getting good hook sets in deeper water. With the forecast showing cold weather for the next couple of weeks we should be looking really good for our ice fishing season going for many more weeks.