Fishing Door County Fall Smallmouth Bass Fishing

We are finally receiving some long-awaited seasonal temperatures here in Door County which is slowly dropping water temperatures which will really begin to get the fish feeding up for the long winter months. Water temps over the past few days have dropped 3 degrees and we are beginning to see some larger fish showing up and that is a great sign for things to come in the upcoming weeks. Some of the largest fish of the season could be had here in late Fall and we still have a few open dates for the next couple weeks so I know a lot of you are gearing up for the hunting season but don’t give up on the fishing season quite yet because this could be your best opportunity at some fantastic fishing along with that chance at catching that trophy fish give us a call and we can put together a late season fishing trip for you.

Fishing Door County Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass fishing over the past few days has become a bit tough with the fish being spread out and scattered and really not biting all that well. Today brought us cloud cover and some wind out of the south which had the fish going better today but still they were biting very light and very difficult to get hooked or keep them on. As we move further into the Fall season and hopefully some cooler weather soon fishing will only get better.