March 24th, 2012 Night Fishing Walleyes, Door County, WI

The spring walleye fishing has started early here in door county due to the unusually warm weather we have received the past couple of weeks. With water temps in the mid 40s fish are beginning to move shallow and feed up in preparation for there spawn. Here are a few pics from the other nights fishing trip fishing should continue to stay strong for a while here.

Double walleye!

Now is the time to really catch a true trophy walleye so dress warm,prepare to fish late and be prepared to catch a fish of a life time.

Night Bite!!

March 14th 2012 Sturgeon Bay Pike Fishing

We put a full day in yesterday fishing for Northern Pike and what a fun day it was. With things being early yet for the bigger numbers of large pike, our action for numbers of fish was pretty steady and consistent through out the day. Water temps were right around 38 to 39 degrees but with the weather forecast things are going to be warming up every day. We used both live bait on three way rigs and also jigged for them. We caught fish on both presentations but the jigs produced more bites for us.Spring time offers fantastic fishing opportunities for multiple species but don’t overlook the Pike fishing it can be the hottest fishing of the season with a chance at a true trophy.